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Frequently Asked Questions

I just received a notice from the State Board of Technical Professions that they are investigating a complaint against me. At what point do I need to hire an attorney?


-Now. If the investigation is handled correctly, the complaint may disappear before it becomes an administrative action against you. The longer you wait to retain an attorney, the less chance you have that the outcome will be favorable.


The Board of Nursing is trying to take away my nursing license. If they do that, I will no longer be able to make money as a nurse. Can you help me?


-Yes. You need to contact me as soon as possible and provide me with a copy of all the documents I request. After I review the documents and get additional information from you, I will prepare your defense or try to come to some kind of settlement with the Board. We may need to procure other documents from the Board, the hospital or other persons to use as evidence. We may need to subpoena persons to testify on your behalf. The process is very similar to a court trial.


The Kansas Department of Health and Environment took away my daycare license. I did a good job of defending myself, but they decided against me. Now what?


-At this point, your chances of regaining the daycare license are slim to none. We need to sit down and go over your options.


My husband has just filed for divorce. He assures me we do not need to get attorneys involved. What do you think?


-You do not need an attorney to get divorced in Kansas. However, judges will not help you complete all the steps require to get divorced. If you want to get divorced quickly, it would be best to retain an attorney. You may also miss details which can come back to bite you down the road. In addition, your husband is not looking out for your best interests. I will.


The State just removed my grandchildren from my daughter’s home. What can I do?


-Kansas law provides that grandparents have the right to be involved in these cases. Please contact me quickly so that your children can be placed with you or other family members as soon as possible.


My company has been sued by a customer who is trying to get out of paying his bill. Will an attorney cost more than the lawsuit?


-We need to sit down and discuss the facts and economics of your particular situation. A settlement may be possible and an attorney can speed up the settlement. I often see situations where the opposing parties cannot agree on anything or even talk with each other. Attorneys can save you money in the long run by getting to a settlement quicker.


My mother just passed away. I do not want an attorney to take ten percent of my mom’s assets to probate her estate. What should I do?


-Attorneys in this area no longer receive payment based on the value of the estate. They are paid by the hour. You need to contact me as soon as possible to look at your alternatives. Kansas law provides for normal administration of an estate as well as simplified administration and informal administration.


My mom and dad passed away a long time ago and their house is still in their names. My brother and I would like to get the house in our names. Can you help?


-Absolutely. Kansas law provides a way to change the ownership. I can help you through the process.

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