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If you are in trouble with the State of Kansas, your county government or City Hall, you can easily find yourself on the losing end of the fight unless you have help defending yourself.   In the “old days” a person could usually handle problems themselves.  However, under the state’s administrative procedures act, state matters are handled much more formally with strict rules and deadlines.  State administrative procedures are now very similar to court proceedings.  If you find yourself in trouble with a government agency, you need to start defending yourself right away.  If you wait too long before retaining an attorney, you may already have lost the fight or put yourself into an uphill battle.


Government agency attorneys represent those agencies.  They are not there to help you or look out for your interests.  You need someone to help you and look out for your interests.

Are you in trouble with the state, your county or your city?

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Mr. Debenham worked for the federal government in Washington, D.C. for 4 years and worked for the State of Kansas in Topeka for 11 years.  Before that, he earned a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Texas at Austin.  Mr. Debenham has a substantial amount of experience with all levels of government; although most of his work involves representing persons before state agencies.

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Experience you can trust:

  • BS, Kansas State University

  • Master of Public Affairs,   University of Texas

  • JD Washburn University School of Law

  • 15 years of federal and state government service

  • 14 years of law practice

What most persons call government law is also called administrative law and the information on that page supplements the information on this page.