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When you receive a Summons and copy of a lawsuit filed against you, your first reaction will be anger, or confusion, or both. After that, your next reaction should be to call an attorney. An attorney can talk with you about the lawsuit and how best to approach it and defend yourself against it. If you do not timely defend yourself against the lawsuit, you could lose it, so call an attorney right away.


Some lawsuits are frivolous. They are filed to harass you, force you into doing something you do not want to do or simply to get some money out of you. Even if a lawsuit is frivolous, it should not be treated as such. A lawsuit is a very serious matter. If you are not serious about your defense, the plaintiff can end up with everything they asked for.


You may find yourself named in a lawsuit for something in which you had little, if any, involvement. You may have been added so you put pressure on the person they are really going after. Or, you may have been added simply because they think you may settle with them just to make them go away. Again, you need legal help and the sooner the better.


No matter the reason for the lawsuit, it is in your best interest to get legal help right away. In some instances, you may be better off settling with the person or company suing you. In other instances, you should take it all the way to trial. Debenham Law Office can help you from beginning to end.


An attorney can help you arrive at a settlement. Sometimes the parties are so mad at each other that they can no longer talk with each other. An attorney on each side can serve as dispassionate advocates for their clients and come up with a mutually disliked, but acceptable, settlement.



My company wants to sue the company who did not live up to their end of the contract. Because of that, my company lost money. Can you help me?

Yes. Even though I have represented more lawsuit defendants, I can also help you file a lawsuit and represent you until a settlement is reached or a court decision is rendered.



I received a Summons and copy of the lawsuit a month or so ago. What should I do?

Prepare to part with some of your money.



I have heard about discovery and that it is a real pain. What is discovery?

It is the process of gathering information from the other side. During discovery, either party can ask the other one to answer written or oral questions, provide documents or admit or deny certain statements. Discovery can be very costly and can be the most expensive part of the lawsuit. The costs include attorney’s fees and the time losses of both you and your company in responding to the other party’s discovery.

Lawsuit Defense

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